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Qingdao Front Mining Technology Co.,Ltd

Qingdao Front Rubber Co.,Ltd has been committed to bulk material handling for more than 10 years. Front can produce all types of conveyor belt,especially specialize in special conveyor belt,like corrugated sidewall beltings, bucket elevator beltings, endless chevron beltings and some special rubber compound conveyor belt, such as high temperature resistance beltings, fire resistance beltings, Oil resistance beltings,acid-alkali conveyor belt..etc.Our main products are Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt, Chevron Conveyor Belt, EP Conveyor Belt, etc.

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For inquiries about our products such as Corrugated sidewall belt, Chevron Conveyor Belt, Pipe Conveyor Belt or price list,please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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