Front Patent - Filtration conveyor belt with double fixed feeders


Advantages of patented products
1, The equipment cost and occupied area are saved, and the material filtration efficiency is improved
2, It has the advantages of good filtering effect, high material utilization rate, low energy consumption and environmental protection.
3, It is convenient for installation and maintenance; it can be configured with single fixed chamber or double fixed chamber to facilitate the recovery and treatment of filtered liquid.

Disadvantages of common products
1, The investment cost is increased, the equipment occupies a large area, and the maintenance and operation are more complex.
2, For two kinds of materials that can not be mixed and filtered, or where multiple materials need to be filtered at the same time, each material should be transported and filtered separately

Market application
The rubber filter belt has a row of horizontal drainage tanks on the surface of the belt body, and a row of longitudinal drain holes are arranged in the middle of the drain tank, which is mainly used for dehydration of liquid containing materials, such as sewage treatment, chemical processing, paper making, food processing and other industries, and plays a role in strengthening the filtration of its products.

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