Advantages of belt conveyor


After a hundred years of development, the belt conveyor has become one of the important equipment for bulk material transportation. With the continuous expansion of modern agriculture, industry, transportation and transportation, and higher requirements for material transportation in the transportation process, such as the increase in the economic, reliability and efficiency requirements of the material transportation process .

Belt conveyors have obvious advantages in terms of conveying capacity, economic benefits, installation and maintenance, and they have become one of the preferred conveying equipment for people. It is more and more convenient in application. At the same time, the performance requirements of belt conveyor equipment are also increasing high.

1. The conveying capacity is large, and the material can be conveyed continuously without interruption, and it can also be loaded and unloaded without stopping the machine during the conveying process, and the conveying will not be interrupted due to no load. At the same time, it can run at high speed because it does not start and brake frequently. The continuous and high-speed conveying capacity is unmatched by its conveying equipment.

2. Simple structure. The belt conveyor is also set within a certain line range and conveys materials. It has a single action, compact structure, light weight and low cost. Due to the uniform load and stable speed, the power consumed during the working process does not change much. Under the same conveying conditions, the power required by the belt conveyor is generally relatively small.

3. Long conveying distance. Not only the transmission length of a single machine is increasing day by day, but also a long-distance transmission line can be connected in series by multiple single machines.

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